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SixPorts work with companies across many sectors to help solve internal challenges or improve external communication. We have the expertise to deliver mobile and web solutions across the following sectors.

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Preview of the Newsday Sports app

Newsday Sports

The PageSuite team were briefed to develop a specialist mobile app that enabled sports fans to keep up with the latest sports results across the region. It had to show the latest news as it happened, deliver sports alerts via push notifications and include a copy of the sports paper. In addition the client wanted to allow its users to customise the content that appeared within the app by enabling them to select which team’s results were displayed.

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Preview of the Scoop app


We developed a concept that would enable people to ‘snap and send’ newsworthy content to publishers on-the-fly. Scoop was designed to enable members of the public to become ‘journalists’ in an instant, reporting on local news events or sports matches around the clock. User generated content (UGC) is being used more and more by publishers now as businesses strive to ‘be the first’ to produce breaking stories or unique content.