SixPorts create unique and innovative mobile and web solutions for businesses looking to make their content available cross-platform. We employ the latest UX and UI practises to ensure that our apps, websites or digital solutions are best-in-class, providing users with an enjoyable consumption experience.

Custom App Development

start to finish development

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we fulfill their exact requirements. During the initial stages, we will create a clear project plan so that you know exactly what to expect every step of the way. We will document all of your custom requirements and present them clearly within the project plan. Once we’ve agreed on the strategy we’ll pass the project across to our experienced designers and developers who will see the app build through until launch. Post-launch our support team will handle any maintenance and feature requests to ensure that you continue to have a smooth transition to our system.

Corporate Apps

Corporate Apps offer more than just additional branding, they also help to increase engagement with your company, generate additional revenue and provide a wealth of marketing opportunities. The rise of smartphone usage means that it’s essential that you are speaking to your customers via this platform. Whether you are providing easy-to-access information, simplifying a booking process or generating leads a Corporate App could help to accelerate your digital strategy.

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Mobile + Tablet Solutions

There are a range of features that you could incorporate into your mobile and tablet app to enhance the user’s experience or help you to achieve your digital goals.

Advertising Services


Drive revenue through powerful advertising options.

Payments And Subscription Services

Payments + Subscriptions

Charge users to access your content or certain sections within your app.

Third Party Integration Services

Third-Party Integrations

Enhance your content by including weather feeds or other third-party content.

Interactive Services

Interactive Media

Maximise engagement by including video content or advanced imagery.

Notifications Services


Drive more traffic with targeted push notifications.

Social Media Services

Social Media

Sync with your social media channels to increase your reach.

Platform Services


Make your app available across iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows devices.

Analytics Services


Measure your app’s performance by integrating Google Analytics.

UX + UI Design

Our design and development teams work closely together to ensure that the latest UX and UI practices are met so that your app or website offers an exceptional user experience. They will look at everything from utilising the latest touch gestures to ensuring that content is designed to fill the screen no matter the device and that text is perfectly legible. Our aim is to ensure that your readers are delivered a unique and intuitive user experience.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is being used by more and more companies to enhance everyday scenarios. SixPorts can bring alive your branded experiences with AR. With our highly talented design and development team we can create immersive digital scenarios so that you can bring ordinary situations to life.

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Augmented Reality Apps

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