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Progressive web apps (PWA) have many benefits, including fast loading times, offline loading, secure connections, cross-browser compatibility and much more! PWAs effectively bridge the gap between websites and mobile apps and are currently utilised by some top brands including Twitter and the FT.

Essentially as a user you will receive a native app ‘experience’ on a web environment, offering businesses the best of both worlds. They enable you to utilise features often only associated with a native web app, such as push notifications, in a mobile browser environment – yet you can still access the app from the mobile home screen! Interested in finding out more? Email hello@sixports.com to start the conversation!

Why Progressive Web Apps?


Cross-platform compatibility.

Easy to Install

Simple to download.

Add app to homepage

Access the app from the home screen.


Designed for Device.


Send Targeted Messages.

Optimise for SEO

Improved Ranking Capability.

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