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Voice Assistant Technology

Engage Your Customer Base through Voice Applications

Build Your Voice Experience

SixPorts has the expertise to enable you to develop skills or solutions for Voice Platforms including the Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomePod. The explosion of voice commands across mobile and other voice platforms means that now is the time to engage with this platform and create compelling solutions for your audience.

You may want to improve your customer support, create an entertainment solution or improve a current business process to drive engagement with your client base – either way you’ll want to ensure that you’re using the latest tech! Get in touch with SixPorts to see how you can activate your businesses’ voice!

Why Voice Technology?

Why Voice?

Take communication to the next level. Allow customers to access your latest information through speech announcements.

Improve Efficiency

By getting your Voice Assistant to route phone calls or book meetings.

Streamline Processes

Integrate Voice Tech with your app to enable customers to place orders via voice commands.

How can we help?

Whether you know exactly how you want to utilise Voice Tech or you want to run some ideas past us don’t hesitate to get in touch to spark the conversation!

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