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Augmented Reality

SixPorts are specialists in creating innovative Augmented Reality solutions for forward-thinking companies.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Recent Apple and Google OS updates enable brands and developers to create and launch advanced AR solutions. SixPorts believe the most natural use-cases will be centred around experiential content, where mobile usage and time-spent in an activity, is already heightened.

Theme parks, attractions, museums and conferences are key areas of interest – where people are already immersed in an experience, but AR provides that next step-up for consumers. Whether this is bringing exhibits to life, creating richer themed experiences for thrill-seekers or allowing people a deeper insight into product offerings, we feel the environment and existing interaction is key to AR.

Our team of experienced, in-house, AR app developers are ready to show you how AR can unlock opportunities for your brand.

Why Augmented Reality?

Why Augmented Reality?

Offer consumers a more immersive experience.

Added Value!

Increase engagement with your audience.

Boost Brand Loyalty!

Stand out from your competitors and create a buzz...

Create Extraordinary Experiences

Augmented reality has been available for a number of years with a number of early adopter brands testing AR solutions from 2012, and used by retailers to hype a brand launch or content marketers for quick bursts of interactivity. However, mobile adoption was nowhere near today’s levels and technical capabilities have progressed too, which gives brands like yours, and developers like SixPorts, some new and exciting opportunities.

There are shorter term applications for AR, which are more aligned with the original use-cases. We see retailers and eCommerce brands, sports clubs, concert venues and restaurants doing more campaign specific AR projects. If you are launching a new product line, driving new PR opportunities or want to enhance a one-off or shorter experience, we recommend a creative discussion with our team.

How can we help?

Whether you know exactly how you want to utilise Augmented Reality or you want to run some ideas past us don’t hesitate to get in touch to spark the conversation!

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