Vital points to consider when choosing the right platform for app development

You’re in your local Costa enjoying that first caffeine hit of the day when your latest idea for a mobile or cloud-based app that will revolutionise the coffee drinking experience descends like a freshly ground latte.

Taking that idea – for instance, a temperature reading app that senses when you need a refill and alerts your nearest barista – and making it a reality, should be simple. There’s a lot of experts out there who will help. But, how do you cut through the noise and find the right app platform for you? 

At SixPorts, we’ve built a global reputation for custom-built app development, customised to the needs of our clients so have a good handle on the choices you will face in deciding the right approach to app development. That starts with selecting an app development platform that works for you at a cost that suits your budget and achieves your ambition.

In this blog, we have given you a checklist of some of the key points you should consider when choosing the app platform.  

Selecting the right platform for your app will make all the difference to your app, whether you’re a business requiring a secure e-commerce solution or a public sector organisation looking to improve service delivery by adopting the latest mobile software and technologies.

When comparing the app development platforms available there are a number of factors you should consider that will help you make the decision and begin the process of making your visions for a new mobile or cloud-based app a reality.

The Idea

Everything starts with an idea. Before moving ahead with your app development project, discuss and agree on your vision and decide what it is you want to achieve – from look and feel to functionality. Having an end goal in mind will make all the difference to the success of your project. By getting your destination right, it will help – not only in deciding a budget, but selecting the platform or app development company that will deliver what you (and your customers) need. 

Fit For The Future

The mobile industry is in a constant state of evolution. It can be hard to keep up.  When considering the right app development platform or tools to use, select one that supports the latest operating systems. This will help to avoid future negative user experience.  

Easing Your Workload

When selecting the right app development platform, the idea is to find one that makes your life easier, not harder.  You may like the potential to customise and write your own code, but there are limits. Avoid app platforms that leave everything to you. The best platforms will take the strain by automatically dealing with humdrum app development tasks, leaving you to focus on the fun stuff such as creating exciting new features.

Switching Off Cruise Control

A good app development tool can do much of the work for you, but if you prefer to do everything coding wise then it’s good to have that option.  If this is you, then consider an app development platform that gives you access and edit the app’s source code. You may also want to avoid those app development platforms that rely heavily on custom-built frameworks, if you want to go it alone.  Having the ability to build any missing elements for your new mobile or web app will ensure you don’t lose out on functionality or performance. 

Template vs Customisation

Templates are a fantastic way to get started with app development, but for your brand, business or organisation the ability to customise is essential. Use them as a starting point, but for marking out your own brand identity finding an app development platform that allows you to put your own stamp on things will contribute to ensuring consistency across all your platforms, both on and offline

Think Of Your Customer

When it comes to developing your new mobile or web app, you need to put your potential users front and centre. Don’t design your new app around what your app platform is capable of.  Decide what your end users want first and then find the app platform or technology solution that comes closest to matching your requirements. If your platform has limited functionality for design that is only fine if that is all you need or there is the capability to add custom components or plug-ins.

The Right Support

In creating an app there is a myriad of choices in approaching app development.  Having the right programme with the capability to add off the shelf or bespoke customised solutions to drive performance is a must, but so is having the right support in place for delivery. If you’re doing that in-house then access to a support team 24/7 to help you through the process can make all the difference in overcoming any challenges and issues along the way. It is important to choose a platform team that you can build a relationship with – with people who respond at times that suit you.

SixPorts offers a wide range of app development solutions including custom, enterprise, and progressive web apps to meet the exact needs of your business. As ever, if you have any questions or would like to talk any further about your mobile or web app project, our team of app developers are here to help you every step of the way.

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