SixPorts roundtable discussion sets the pace for tomorrow’s technology revolution

In October SixPorts launched our new office move with a roundtable discussion showcasing the potential for Ashford to set the pace for tomorrow’s technology revolution.

Ross Murphy, CEO, SixPorts, was joined for the discussion by Jo James, Chief Executive of Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, Tracey Kerly, Chief Executive of Ashford Borough Council, Andrew Osborne, Economic Development Manager of Ashford Borough Council, Hannah Clayton-Peck, Economic Development Officer of Ashford Borough Council, Josh Wilson-Holliday, Head of Sales at Quinn Estates, and Neil Webster, Commercial Director of KM Media Group.

The discussion focused around the innovative technology coming out of Ashford, including revolutionary digital solutions for businesses with SixPorts demonstrating the benefits of artificial intelligence, sentiment analysis and machine learning, along with the growing significance of big data, virtual reality, facial recognition and augmented reality.

Ross Murphy, CEO of PageSuite and SixPorts, said: “We are delighted to host this roundtable discussion with some key digital innovators of Kent, to mark the launch of our brand-new office at Connect 38. It’s been fascinating to talk about the exciting digital and app projects coming out of Ashford, which is currently setting the pace of technological development in the region.”

The technology roundtable has gained some great traction around Kent, with many businesses enquiring about how we can work together. See some of the Kent press coverage here:

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Also, if you’re a frequent listener of Kent-based radio station – KMFM, our CEO, Ross Murphy, is featured on there discussing how SixPorts wants the town to lead the next tech revolution.

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