The new technology transforming life on cruise ships – All the information without ALL the Paper

Anyone planning a cruise these days quickly learns that major lines such as Disney, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean have their own smartphone apps or PWAs to help passengers navigate their floating cities and discover on-board entertainment, spa services, restaurant bookings, extra cities content and ports of call. And for most travellers, that’s more than enough information. Tourists not only demand luxury when travelling on cruise ships. Sustainability is increasingly becoming an important part of the travel experience and thus, the industry must follow, showing environmental and social responsibility.

Our phones have become one of the most versatile travel tools we have at our disposal. Camera, navigator, communicator. We couldn’t imagine leaving our mobile devices at home while we cruise. Why not invest in an app or PWA to provide all these passengers a wonderful time cruising?

Below are just some of the ways in which SixPorts can help all cruisers:

  • Remote check in – Manage your reservation
  • Intelligent Navigation around the ship
  • “Smart“ dinner or excursion reservations
  • Personalised pampering (Order your services)
  • High-tech activities
  • Instant social media shares

Thanks to the ongoing evolution of smartphones and mobile devices, there are innovative apps available which are transforming the travel industry.

Cruise companies could create and launch an app for their most premium customers, encouraging repeat booking, higher spend and increasing the value travellers get from their loyalty. Rewards apps are hugely popular in other travel sectors, as well as retail, and cruises combine both those elements, which make them an excellent investment for IT and Marketing teams.

If you want to learn more about the potential of apps or PWAs, please get in touch for an engaging discovery call or meeting to untap your customer opportunities.

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