How Can Law Firms Benefit from Apps?

With the number of people consuming digital media on their mobile phones at an all-time high, businesses are seeking to stand out from the crowd with their own custom-built app. In the past apps appeared out of reach for SMEs, but thanks to improvements in technology and the existence of affordable solutions this has all changed.

Increased accessibility to app development has enabled law firms to use enterprise apps as an additional platform to communicate with their clients. That said, there are still a number of law firms that are unaware of how apps could benefit their business. In this blog post we explore how a dedicated mobile app has the possibility to transform how a law firm operates.

Improve client experience

Ultimately to see a benefit from having an enterprise app, your clients need to see a difference too. A dedicated app can improve communication by allowing you to respond to client queries more quickly. It would also be also easier for them to communicate with you as they could access the app at any time, which can work around busy schedules. Being able to refer to an app for key information is more also convenient as everything is in one place and minimises the need for paperwork.

A mobile app can also be a way of showing off your expertise by providing tools and guides to certain aspects of the legal process that could be potentially daunting to clients. For instance, tips for first-time buyers or a guide to legal terminology.

Distinguish your brand

When looking for a law firm, consumers are faced with the increasingly difficult task of differentiating between a multitude of businesses offering very similar things. While this may be a problem for them, it could be an opportunity for your business to stand out from your competitors and for you to grow your brand.

Custom-built apps are gradually becoming more affordable and can be a means of distinguishing your brand. Consider what makes your law firm unique throughout the design process as it is likely you can work with your app developer to incorporate it into the final product. For example, lawyers often unfairly have a reputation for taking a long time to respond to clients so having a messaging functionality within the app could be extremely beneficial.

While the number of apps among law firms is growing it is by no means mainstream, so having an app alone can improve the reputation of a business by positioning it as a trailblazer.

Access to new clients

Research by App Annie found that the average smartphone user spends three hours per day interacting with mobile apps. With people spending an increasingly large amount of time on their mobile phones, you have access to a growing market.

An app acts almost like a shop window; it can give a potential client a more detailed insight into what your firm has to offer as it allows people to engage directly with the content you are putting out there. Plus, the more your business embraces digital innovations, such as apps, the easier it is for your existing clients to recommend you to new ones.

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