App Trends – Augmented Reality

Mobile apps and the technology that support and enhance them have been changing the way we live our lives today.

At SixPorts we’re geared up for innovation, but things move so quickly that it can be difficult to know what is worth investing in now to support your business or organisation – or just keep an eye on.

We thought we’d just help you navigate some of the current trends, giving a flavour of where the mobile internet – including app development–  is headed and what tech solutions you could be using now or preparing for.

First up…Augmented reality

The use of this immersive technology isn’t just for gamers and filmmakers anymore. In 2016 Goldman Sachs predicted this market (including virtual reality) has the potential to surpass $100 billion worldwide by 2025.  That may seem a long time ago already but three years on that figure still looks a good bet.

In 2019 the worldwide mobile AR base (phones in use with AR capability) stands at more than 600 million taking into account both Android and Apple devices. Commercial support is strong with Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google all making serious commitments.

More and more businesses and public sector organisations are seeing the benefits of incorporating the technology to improve efficiency and levels of customer experience and service delivery or just to market products and services in a much more experiential and real-life way.

Need to virtual stocktake or go on a 3D tour? Open up your app and in a couple of clicks, you can visualise not imagine what you need.  Need to carry out a surgical procedure a thousand miles from the operating theatre. AR provides the knowledge and ability to do that.

Urban planning is another area where AR offers all kinds of possibilities, taking the massive amounts of data available to create the towns and cities of the future and improve people’s lives.  A town planner considering her recommendation for a mixed-use development can use AR to walk through floor plans with ease and model transport, utilities and housing density. The power to boost public engagement and understanding of often complex planning applications is an additional and not unimportant benefit, stripping away jargon in glorious 3-D, and building local democracy in the process.

We’re also seeing a boom in retail usage including virtual showrooms by the likes of Uniqlo and Ikea, Advancements in facial recognition combined with virtual assistants are also benefitting make-up, fashion and lifestyle brands.

At SixPorts, we are specialists in creating innovative AR solutions for forward-thinking companies, centred around experiential content, from theme parks and attractions to museums and conferences. From bringing exhibits to life to allowing people a deeper insight into new and existing products, our team of experienced AR app developers are ready to show you how AR can unlock opportunities for your brand.

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