How Can Voice Technology Enrich Your Business?

Does your business or product currently implement voice technology? If it doesn’t, now is the time to start considering it.

Voice technology is transforming how we work, search, control devices and perform countless other tasks. It has huge potential to transform how businesses operate as well as how we interact with our customers and employees. With smart speakers expected to be in 76.5 million people’s homes in the US by 2020 and 50% of all internet search to come from voice searches, businesses must adapt their process to take advantage of this platform.

Voice Interface Technology Is the Future of Business

Voice technology is already making basic daily processes easier, for example being able to ask simple questions, set meetings with colleagues, timers, reminders and more.  This is speeding up administrative duties allowing you more time to focus on strategy and creative elements that are uniquely human.

However now, Google and Amazon are encouraging businesses to develop more advanced voice functionality by providing SDK (software development kits) to leverage the platform further. Voice is being integrated into every business function available, the opportunities to integrate with voice are endless.

Large businesses such as Microsoft and Amazon have even formed a partnership to integrate Cortana and Alexa to enhance business productivity and utilise each other’s apps and services.

Companies are also utilising voice for natural language processing to assist in meetings allowing employees to add notes and calendar entries without typing them in manually. Within the finance industry, JP Morgan is utilising Alexa to provide research and analytics reports to their customers. Similarly, Capital One Financial Corporation is the first bank to allow Alexa to assist customers with their banking via voice interactions with great feedback.

Significant changes such as these require a shift in business strategy and investment to ensure it becomes an integral part of daily business. But the opportunities for using voice recognition and assistance technology are truly endless. If you would like to investigate voice technology further and see how it could be beneficial to your business please get in contact with SixPorts by emailing

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